Descending Into Homesteading

Living more naturally is something that should not be taken lightly, especially in today’s world. Everything is scarier than ever, food has more and more chemicals that you can’t pronounce, everything is expensive without any sign of prices lowering and the world is basically a mess. If there was a time to consider simplifying life, now is a better time than ever. When I say simplify I don’t mean full out, tiny home living, pioneer woman times, I just mean, grow some veggies, learn about nature, there are lots of simple and natural remedies that grow nearly everywhere you look, you just need to know where and what to look for!


When I got with my boyfriend nearly four years ago, we knew little about anything other than hunting and fishing. Homesteading, gardening, the power of natural remedies that earth has to offer were all among the unknown, however after reading and realizing how scary modern times are, we made a decision to slowly transition back 50 years (haha) by learning how to garden, grow veggies and animals.

It all started with the garden at his grandparents, he decided to learn as much as he could for two years alongside his grandfather before we started our own garden. Tomatoes, potatoes, turnip and squash, among peppers, peas, lettuce and corn and much more, his grandfather shared tip and tricks to help our garden grow. This being our first year having our own, I’m sure there is still much to learn but we are confident that he has the education to make it a successful harvest.

Livestock is tricky, because just like humans, no two livestock are the same. We chose to start our farming journey with pigs, which I still feel as though it was a good decision for our family. 2015 we raised two pigs, which in turn cost less than buying the equivalent of pork, so in 2016 we decided to raise three, feeding six families. It was a big learning process but we now feel confident in our decision to raise pigs on our own. This year, at our own home our chicken coop is under construction and our plans to move the pigpen to our own home are underway.


My best advice for someone who wants to make a change, take the plunge. Start small, a tomato plant on your deck, reading, and educating yourself. There is so much to learn, this is still just the beginning for us! We plan to raise our homestead and grow along with it. If you want to follow our progress & our family check out my Instagram: @shannahclarke for an inside look at our decadence into naturally living.



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