Thriving In Chaos

Thriving in chaos is something I’ve always struggled with, as a compulsive organizer planning things down to every last detail is what kept me sane. Then, along came baby, my organized, planned and prepared world went up in smoke. When I got pregnant I was working at a daycare full time, and teaching dance classes in the evening, my time was full of activity and being organized was something that made me able to do so much at once. When I had Rhett, from the moment he was born he’s never been a sleeper, he’s very needy (more so than many babies) and it’s been a big adjustment, he makes doing everyday things like laundry, tidying up, cooking, even eating 100% harder than before. Not being able to plan his every move has been extremely hard on me but I’ve learned some great tricks in these last six months that have helped me not only survive, but thrive in the daily chaos  of being a new mom.  I’m going to try to give you my tips to keep your sanity in a completely unorganized time of your life.

                Make your bed every morning. Seriously, it takes two minutes and it will make your house seem cleaner and you don’t have to worry about it again.

Wear less makeup.  This was hard for me, but I’ve embraced this and it’s actually been easier than I expected. I now wear mascara, blush and a small amount of eye shadow (mainly because without it I have no eyebrows). It cut my getting ready time in half and it costs a lot less!

Drink more water. This is so good for you, just do it.

Get Ready Everyday. Even if you have nowhere to go, take the time to get dressed, get ready, you’ll have more energy, feel better and feel more in control.

Set One Goal, once it’s complete set another. This was a huge sanity saver for me, this was I was focused on one thing at a time, it was much better and I didn’t feel as overwhelmed.

Everything that doesn’t go right is meant to make you laugh. This has to be the best advice to help change your state of mind; did your baby poop up his back in his new outfit? Laugh it off! Did your laundry stay in the washer for 2 extra days? Laugh it off!  Did you drop your groceries and your apples all rolled down the stairs? Guess you need some exercise, laugh it off!

It won’t be like this forever. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, on hard days I would feel like I was losing my mind, when the baby hasn’t slept in hours, or wants to be picked up but not touched (believe me, it’s a thing), or is teething, etc… At some point all you’re going to remember are the good times, so make every moment count, even the rough ones.

Never go to bed with a messy kitchen. Believe me, this is super great for your sanity and it’s a time saver.

Go to bed early, every night. This is hard to get used to because all the good TV shows are on after 10pm, PVR them and GO TO BED. You feel so much better each day if you’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep, it helps with your energy and it’s great for your health.

The sooner you start following these tips, the easier your life will feel. Have ideas for more? Leave them in the comments!



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