Product Review: IKEA ‘Antilop’ Highchair

Being a new parent is overwhelming for anyone, realizing how much stuff a baby needs is even more overwhelming. Today there is such a huge market of baby products it could send anyone into a tail spin, wondering what baby needs and what is more a selling factor than a necessity.

When I got pregnant we started buying, swing, check, crib, check, highchair, check. Baby products are marketed in a way that seems more expensive means ‘better quality’, however this is one claim, I’ve found to be very false. One product especially has been our highchair.

We paid $150+ for a Graco highchair, in theory this highchair was great, lots of cushion for babe, shoulder and waist straps to keep him safe, a cupholder, all the bells and whistles! What could be better? oh, how I was wrong! We began our Baby Led Weaning process at six months old and we dove in head first. Immediately I realized how awful the cushion on the highchair was to clean and how much it stained (it was white might I add). Rhett was too small to reach the tray and the straps kept him too tight that he couldn’t really move as much as he would like. It was heavy to move around, bulky, and difficult to put together to transport anywhere, overall I definitely wasn’t impressed with the purchase.  I decided our ‘luxury’ high chair was not the answer for our family and began looking for other options, this time with a price point in mind, cheap!

Upon reading mixed reviews about many products, one stuck out to me, a brand I had never bought from before. I was everything that I was looking for. It was small, lightweight, easy to clean, and most importantly, cheap! This was the IKEA ‘Antilop’ highchair. This highchair cost $24.99, I just about fell out of my chair, so immediately I ordered it with excitement and I haven’t been disappointed since.

The highchair came within a week, I opened the box and was instantly amazed about how light it was, most of the weight was the packing materials in the box. It was lightweight and putting it together was incredibly simple, each leg just popped into its. spot, no sweat, and that was it. Four legs, a seat and a tray, Simple, I put Rhett into the chair for the first official test and was thrilled. This highchair met my requests and surpassed them, it is lightweight and easy to clean, I would definitely recommend this product for any parent, it’s price point makes it great for almost any budget.

My official review, this item is a 10/10.


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