Clearing the Air, One Breast at a Time

Attention all breastfeeding haters, this one is for you.

I read comments from close minded people regarding breastfeeding daily, it’s something that deeply saddens me, the fact that it’s fine to display a woman in lingerie on a billboard but using breasts for their intended purpose is considered so taboo. Comments like, ‘thats what pumping and bottles are for’, ‘why do you have to do that in public, can’t you wait until you go home?’, ‘why not give formula?’, etc, but the real killer ‘I’m all for breastfeeding but….’ chances are you aren’t for breastfeeding if you start your argument like this, anyway getting side tracked, I’m here to clear the air for a few of you.

  1. We do NOT breastfeed for attention, again for the ones in the back, WE DO NOT BREASTFEED FOR ATTENTION. I can promise you, any woman who breastfeeds is not trying to get attention, they’re simply trying to feed their child, they’re not trying to ‘seduce your husband’ with their leaky, milk engorged breasts. Sounds sexy, huh?
  2. The reason many women don’t give bottles is because a lot of breast fed babies refuse to take bottles, I can vouch for this one because my son is a straight from the tap kinda kid. Pumping is a lot of work on top of breastfeeding and it really sucks (punny joke right?) so ‘pump and give bottles’ isn’t always an option!
  3. Breastmilk is scientifically proven to be the best source of nutrition for your child, along with expressed milk from a bottle, then donor milk, then formula. Breast milk changes to meet every individual need for that particular baby, instead of ‘why not give formula?’ we should be saying “wow, breastfeeding is hard, thats awesome you are able to provide the best nutrition possible for your baby!”. [Obviously, Failure to Thrive is a different situation]
  4. Not everyone can breastfeed, I’m well aware. However, 15% of women can actually not breastfeed, which means that 85% of potentially women can. So before you give the ‘I tried to breast feed but couldn’t, baby wanted to eat every hour.’ just know that is most often normal for breastfed babies. There is a huge difference between being unable to breastfeed and choosing not to breastfeed.
  5. Breastfeeding moms mostly understand why moms formula feed, for being something so natural breastfeeding is hard. This being said, most breastfeeding moms try to support the decision to breastfeed, so if a mom is trying to talk to you about it, hear her out, she probably has some great info you may not know!
  6. ‘I dont want to see that’, well, if you don’t want to see it, don’t look. Rocket science, right?
  7. Breastfeeding around children goes better than around adults, they are curious, yes, but once they are told what baby is doing they move on and they don’t think about it again. Adults could really take some lessons!
  8. Covering up is the worst, baby hates it, its hot, Mom can’t see what she’s doing, its awful. So if you see a breast feeding mom and she mistakenly flashes a millisecond of nipple, you’re probably standing too close. Also, look down your shirt, what do you see? Nipples? You have them too, cool huh!
  9. If you don’t have children AND/OR have never breastfed, you don’t get to judge a mom’s choices. She has made the BEST decision for her baby, so leave it be.
  10. ‘Well things like pooping, having sex and masturbating are natural, we don’t do that in public.’ Defecating waste is not feeding a baby, sex and masturbation are sexual acts, breastfeeding a baby is how our species has been able to thrive for as long as it has, how exactly do you think that moms fed their babies before formula was invented? How do other mammal mamma’s feed their infants? Oh, that’s right, with their breasts.
  11. Feeding a baby in a bathroom is NEVER an option! Unsanitary conditions are the exact opposite of what a baby needs while they’re eating, do you eat in a bathroom?  No, don’t shove a tiny little baby in there and assume that it’s okay.

Please, lets stop judging and start accepting, educate yourself before you try to make a mom feel bad, parenting is hard enough.



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