My name is Shannah Clarke, I’m a 24 year old first time Mom of a beautiful little boy, Rhett, who was born November 12, 2016. Being a mom has definitely been the greatest accomplishment of my life, giving me an entirely new outlook.

I live in rural Canada with my boyfriend Sean, our son, our four chocolate labs, Gunner, Autumn, Gator and Sky, and our rescue cat Luna. We enjoy the outdoors as well as spending time together. We’ve recently begun building our own family farm from the ground up, learning about farming, gardening and homesteading is a journey and we’re glad to have you along for the ride.

My interests include photography, nature, animals, art, music, among many other things. I love to document my daily life via Instagram, however now I’m opening up a whole new can of worms by writing a blog. I’ve always been interested in writing a blog however I’ve never known where to begin, so here I am, spilling the ins and outs of my life, one post at a time.

Be sure to tune in for more posts, updates and head over to Instagram (@ShannahClarke) and give me a follow to keep up with our journey, we’re happy to have you!