Clearing the Air, One Breast at a Time

Attention all breastfeeding haters, this one is for you. I read comments from close minded people regarding breastfeeding daily, it's something that deeply saddens me, the fact that it's fine to display a woman in lingerie on a billboard but using breasts for their intended purpose is considered so taboo. Comments like, 'thats what pumping … Continue reading Clearing the Air, One Breast at a Time


Product Review: IKEA ‘Antilop’ Highchair

Being a new parent is overwhelming for anyone, realizing how much stuff a baby needs is even more overwhelming. Today there is such a huge market of baby products it could send anyone into a tail spin, wondering what baby needs and what is more a selling factor than a necessity. When I got pregnant … Continue reading Product Review: IKEA ‘Antilop’ Highchair